7 Trends That Will Improve Hotel Revenue in 2019

Happy New Year!

  1. Social media is here to stay, and ignoring it risks relinquishing control of your hotel messaging. Reacting to posts (good or bad) requires training and empowering someone to respond with the appropriate, brand-centric messaging, on a timely basis. But truly embracing social media means creating a pro-active plan of regular posts that are part of the overall annual strategic plan for the hotel.

    Does your hotel have a designated person to respond to both hotel and restaurant reviews seven days per week? What’s the social media push strategy?
  2. Videos on your hotel website are becoming a ‘must have’ – and not just a 360° view of your guest room and lobby. An effective video tells the story to the hotel’s target audience and gives them a compelling reason to stay at your property.

    How much of your sales and marketing expense budget is allocated to videos and new photography in 2019?
  3. Gone are the days of noisy sales offices since email is usually the preferred communication vehicle for busy travel managers and meeting planners. An interesting corollary to this is that developing a relationship with prospects and clients continues to be one of the top reasons a specific hotel is selected. Successful sales people have mastered the ability to do this in writing as well as the traditional phone and in-person communication.

    When was the last time each sales manager attended sales training and did it include writing skills for salespeople?
  4. Online meeting leads from third parties such as Cvent have become a way of life. This has increased the number of hotels that receive the lead, which in turn, reduces the lead conversion for each hotel. How quickly, accurately, and completely leads are responded to increases the probability of winning the business.

    Does your hotel sales deployment need to be reviewed or redesigned to optimize sales? Do you have key sellers, freed up to find new business, and lead catchers, trained to respond to online leads that require less sales finesse?
  5. Leadership has moved from an autocratic and controlling approach to a collaborative style where employees’ ideas and opinions are part of the decision-making process. This isn’t a new concept, but I continue to be amazed when I see leaders fall into the out-of-date, ‘my way or the highway’ approach.

    Is 2019 the year to provide training and/or coaching for those leaders who have high employee turnover or other signs of poor leadership?
  6. Given that most hotel positions are interdependent and rely on other members of the team to get work done, it’s not surprising that accountability remains one of the most important qualities employees want in an organization.

    What mechanism is in place to deal with unproductive people or outdated processes?
  7. Employee engagement continues to be an issue at hotels, and 2018 was no different. Surveys are often an indication of the health of the organization; however, it’s important to uncover hidden issues to really understand what employees are thinking.

    Is your hotel engagement score at an acceptable level? When was the last time employees were asked about what is getting in the way of productivity?


Rather than ‘out with the old, in with the new,’ be open to change and modification plans and practices, especially in the three core areas that impact revenue – sales, marketing, and leadership. In 2019, commit to adapting ideas and concepts that will directly impact improving revenue, and ultimately profitability.


"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, and successful 2019!


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  • Improving employee engagement

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