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Our Culture

Core Values

Empathy & Compassion: Empathy is sensing how someone else is feeling in a situation, and compassion is the action the follows that understanding. “Empathy is the cornerstone of customer service” Jo-Anne Hill

Global Awareness: Travel makes us more tolerant of different cultures and values, especially when it’s to places in the world that are off the beaten track.

Being of Service: If you don’t have a service attitude, you are in the wrong business. Leaders in hospitality, and any industry where customer service is important, have a responsibility to have a servant’s attitude toward customers to model the way, but also to serve employees to bring out the best in each and every person.

Integrity: Trust, ethics, and fairness are my core. My word is my bond. Leaders have a responsibility to stand behind their employees.

Family: I am very grateful to have a loving family who provided a solid, loving foundation to weather any storm.

Vision Statement

Bringing grace, empathy, and compassion to the corporate world

Mission Statement

Create organizational cultures where every employee has a voice. Leaders are effective, empathetic, and empowering and employees are engaged and energized. Organizations are more sustainable for the long term; they provide extraordinary customer experience and realize exponential revenue and profitability growth.

Ripple Effect

Why the pineapple?

For centuries, the pineapple was seen as a symbol of welcome and hospitality. It started when early explorers discovered the Caribbean tradition of displaying a pineapple at the village entrance to welcome visitors. On their return to Europe, explorers introduced the exotic fruit to European society, and its welcoming significance remained. In the 1600’s, King Charles II of England commissioned a portrait of himself receiving a pineapple, and even into the 1960’s pineapples adorned dining tables as welcoming centerpieces.

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