Leadership Development

Developing and shaping tomorrow’s leaders

Working with leaders for over 20 years, Jo-Anne knows successful ones artfully balance between technical elements of their job with the soft skills required to be effective. New leaders, rising stars, and existing leaders that aren’t being effective, all require support. Does this describe anyone you know?

  • The leader is struggling to prioritize, meet deadlines, or is overwhelmed by all that is required, whether it’s a result of being newly promoted into the role or increased responsibilities.
  • The company is growing and needs more leaders to grow with the organization.
  • The leader is an expert at the technical side of a job but not able to motivate, lead, or communicate effectively with their team to drive success.

Transforming individuals into leaders requires training, coaching, and feedback and the following are examples of programs we have led:

  1. Enhance leadership skills with one-on-one executive coaching to make them more effective, focused, and successful.
  2. Motivate and retain rising stars while creating tomorrow’s leaders. Interactive boot-camp for future leaders.
  3. Develop a leadership mindset and uncover blind spots that individual leaders can’t see with a leadership 360 degree development review.

Jo-Anne Hill combines her extensive background as a former VP at top luxury hotel companies with hands-on experience working with hotels around the world. She is also certified as a culture advisor in transforming organizations by Barrett Values Centre (UK).

The benefit is a clear understanding of the role of leader as a combination of the ‘science’ of technical skills, and the ‘art’ of soft skills such as motivation, transparency, and empowerment. Training, coaching, and developing these soft skills will secure leaders’ success for years to come.

Previous customers who benefited from these services:

  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors of Sales & Marketing
  • General Managers
  • Associate DOSM’s


“Jo-Anne was instrumental in maintaining a calm equilibrium within the Sales & Marketing environment and kept our sales team motivated while helping to solve various issues.”

Michel Goget, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago