Case Studies

  1. Organization Transformation Case Study:

    Increasing Employee Engagement

    As professional facilitators, we are trained on how to get people talking, including ‘the quiet ones’ who are often those with the biggest contribution to make. Not only did they feel heard, but other members of the team appreciate that every member gave input. Employees felt safe to express their opinion and were able to go back to work and focus on their daily tasks without distractions. Management received solid, reliable feedback as well as an action plan to turn things around.

  2. Organization Transformation Case Study:

    Getting Behind Barriers to Getting Things Done

    One year later, we checked in with the leader to discuss a follow-up survey to measure the impact of the new leader and to see if morale had improved. The first question was to determine how much of the action plan had been implemented. The leader admitted that other priorities took over and none of the Blueprint was completed.

  3. Leadership Development Case Study:

    Future Leader Development

    This program lasted five years and had as many as twelve participants. From that group, ten people have been promoted to senior leadership roles within the organization. Having this pipeline of ready leaders made growth easier and made their success rate higher since they were better prepared to take on the leadership role.

  4. Strategic Direction Case Study:

    Paying Attention to the Customer’s Voice

    Asking customers for their input intensified the relationship and increased their loyalty to the organization. Customers provided valuable feedback on current and future programs.

  5. Strategic Direction Case Study:

    10% Increase in Conversion

    The reduction in confusion both within the team and for customers resulted in an increase in conversion of ten percent. This gave the proactive sales team time to devote to selling.

  6. Grow Revenue & Profitability Case Study:

    25% Revenue Improvement

    One year after the commencement of this project, the hotel saw an improvement in total revenue of 25 percent. All of the Blueprint for Success action items were implemented; the team was communicating with each other, and the esprit de corps amongst the department was at an all-time high.

  7. Grow Revenue & Profitability Case Study:

    London Hotel Due Diligence

    As a subject matter expert, reviewing all angles of revenue opportunities meant the potential purchaser was able to determine the revenue upside and the expense necessary to achieve those results. The potential purchaser was able to use this information to establish financing for the project.