Organization Transformation

Create a healthy and productive work environment where everyone flourishes, including the bottom line

From working with organizations around the world, Jo-Anne knows the challenges leaders face can be daunting. Are you experiencing any of these issues in your organization?

  • High turn-over of employees and difficulty attracting top talent.
  • Employees involved in unproductive activities that are distracting and frustrating.
  • Declining customer satisfaction and difficulty beating competitors. Overall customer experience is lackluster.
  • The organization is under-performing and not achieving expectations.

In helping organizations transform, the following are some of the outcomes we have achieved:

  1. Transform organizations with a proven five-step process that creates a better place to work and exponentially increases revenue and profitability.
  2. Allow organizations to gain one month per year by getting behind barriers that impede getting things done.
  3. Uncover and eliminate the silent killer of productivity and financial success.
Transformation Journey

Jo-Anne Hill combines her extensive background as a former VP at top luxury hotel companies with hands-on experience working with hotels around the world. She is also certified as a culture advisor in transforming organizations by Barrett Values Centre (UK).

The benefit of performing organizational transformation ensures a positive and healthy culture as the foundation. It becomes the nucleus from which strategies have a great probability of success as employees are aligned and support the common goal. Employees are happier and more productive. They provide a better customer experience, and in turn, customers stay longer, spend more, and return more often.


The Culture Transformation Journey: 7 Steps to a Healthy Culture


“Jo-Anne was a wonderful facilitator, remaining neutral while concerned and engaged with everyone including call-in members of the team. We’re all in a better place after the meeting. It was very productive and much-needed discussion.”

Fairly Attidore-Mace, Group Reservations Coordinator, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach