Case Studies

10% Increase in Conversion

Strategic Direction Case Study:

10% Increase in Conversion

The Challenge

  • The hotel sales department had as many as five sales touch points a customer might have to either talk to or wait for a decision from to get a quote on guestroom availability and rates for a meeting.
  • Multiple people involved meant time lost in getting a quick response to the meeting planner, who felt waiting even two hours was too long.
  • Lost business was a problem.

The Solution

  1. Through an analysis of the sales process in a step-by-step approach and then evaluating that process, we were able to combine many of the steps in the procedure.
  2. Reassigned a number of the people toward proactive sales efforts.
  3. Adjusted reporting lines so that all sales people reported to one leader and all servicing people reported to another.

The Impact

The reduction in confusion both within the team and for customers resulted in an increase in conversion of ten percent. This gave the proactive sales team time to devote to selling.