Case Studies

25% Revenue Improvement

Grow Revenue & Profitability Case Study:

25% Revenue Improvement

The Challenge

  • The hotel was under-performing compared to the competitive set.
  • Within the sales and marketing organization, there were many silos, and people were not talking to each other.
  • Esprit de corps was non-existent in the department, and the rest of the hotel had lost faith in their ability to produce and their commitment to the hotel’s success.

The Solution

  1. Performed a deep-dive analysis of the entire sales and marketing organization from processes to sales talent to leadership skills.
  2. Produced a Blueprint for Success document that prioritized activities with timelines and accountability.
  3. The first step was to provide a foundation of leadership support that included an increase in communication within the department as well as with the rest of the hotel. Accountability was increased, and role clarification was formalized.

The Impact

One year after the commencement of this project, the hotel saw an improvement in total revenue of 25 percent. All of the Blueprint for Success action items were implemented; the team was communicating with each other, and the esprit de corps amongst the department was at an all-time high.