Case Studies

Future Leader Development

Leadership Development Case Study:

Future Leader Development

The Challenge

  • The organization was undergoing enormous growth and required new leaders.
  • Rising stars needed to develop their skills, especially their comfort with ‘the numbers’ and public speaking.
  • The organization traditionally developed leaders through on-the-job training, but everyone was so busy that they didn’t have time develop people on their own.

The Solution

  1. Identified rising stars
  2. Developed a comprehensive training program that included monthly calls. The vice president offered comments at the beginning of each call so that their presence was acknowledged. This underlined the importance of this group of future leaders.
  3. Developing the agenda and leading the call would rotate amongst the group and included each organization reviewing their achieved numbers. This developed comfort and familiarity with a key performance metric.

The Impact

This program lasted five years and had as many as twelve participants. From that group, ten people have been promoted to senior leadership roles within the organization. Having this pipeline of ready leaders made growth easier and made their success rate higher since they were better prepared to take on the leadership role.