Case Studies

Increasing Employee Engagement

Organization Transformation Case Study:

Increasing Employee Engagement

The Challenge

  • While the organization was seeing improving scores on their Employee Satisfaction Survey, there was an undercurrent of mistrust of management and especially the human resources department.
  • Employees were concerned that they had expressed their opinions in the past, but no action resulted, and there were no positive changes made.
  • One employee, in particular, felt his supervisor was speaking to him in a demeaning, disrespectful way, and even asking him to perform tasks that were unethical.

The Solution

  1. As an objective, neutral facilitator, it was stressed to employees that they would be heard and they were encouraged to be open and forthright in their views of the organization.
  2. Employees commented that they felt heard and respected.
  3. Initiated an investigation as a result of the supervisor’s alleged request of an employee to participate in unethical behavior. While the results are still pending, the employee felt heard and responded to.

The Impact

As professional facilitators, we are trained on how to get people talking, including ‘the quiet ones’ who are often those with the biggest contribution to make. Not only did they feel heard, but other members of the team appreciate that every member gave input. Employees felt safe to express their opinion and were able to go back to work and focus on their daily tasks without distractions. Management received solid, reliable feedback as well as an action plan to turn things around.