Case Studies

Paying Attention to the Customer’s Voice

Strategic Direction Case Study:

Paying Attention to the Customer’s Voice

The Challenge

  • The hotel organization wanted feedback from top customers on how they were doing, including thoughts on new initiatives and programs that were about to be rolled out.
  • Ensure the customers felt they could be completely honest and open.
  • Free up the company executives such that they weren’t required to present, prepare, or perform during these sessions; allow them to listen more intently and network with the customers to enhance relationships.

The Solution

  1. As a professional facilitator, JH Hospitality worked with the client to develop a core list of topics and feedback areas. Created objective questions that elicited insightful responses while not leading them to the answers hotel executives wanted to hear.
  2. Developed an interesting introduction to the topic to encourage conversation. Created a closing that left the customer feeling the session had come to a logical conclusion.
  3. Synthesized the feedback into a recap that was actionable.

The Impact

Asking customers for their input intensified the relationship and increased their loyalty to the organization. Customers provided valuable feedback on current and future programs.